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The German Club sponsors social and educational activities for all students interested in German and German-American culture. Current enrollment in a German class is not a prerequisite for membership, and most activities are conducted in English to enable everyone to participate.

Club activities include city excursions to Pittsburgh, organization and participation in the "Do Deutsch" 2011 campus week, themed Kaffeestunde (Christmas; Fasching/Karnival;  Eastern); Immersion Weekend at Raccoon Creek State Park; participation during the W&J International Week, DAAD Video Contest.

Upcoming Events:
October 2012 - "Think Transatlantic" campus week (October 1st - October 5th)
President:  Heather Painter
Vice President:  Ingrid Wolfe
Secretary:  Aaron Szafran
Treasurer:  Billy Rayner
SGA Rep:  Rena Sufrin

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Atzler
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