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There are no true translational equivalents!!! Always take the translation with a grain of salt and double check the meaning by translating it back into the other language.
Words have multiple meanings (do not just use the first word that is listed in the dictionary!) and are  influenced by the culture they are a part of.
Never use an online translator! They do not work (they do not know what you are trying to say and are limited to the word and the way the words were put in by the programmer).

The Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (CAPL) is an open-source collection of authentic, high quality photographs for the language learning community worldwide.

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Watch German TV Series and Telenovelas:
Lindenstraße - weekly German soap opera (new episodes available online Sunday afternoon) set in a quarter of Munich, that focuses on the lives of normal people. Beside the typical storylines like love, marriage and death, the show always includes current issues in German politics as well as cultural events and has treated a lot of controversial issues.
Jojo sucht das Glück - German telenovela about a Brazilian exchange student experiencing a new place (Cologne) and finding friendship and love.
German films and films in German available at the W&J library - click here for a list of films with call numbers

Interesting Sites:
Deutsche Welle (News from Germany and around the world)
Deutschlandreporter (Videos from Germany)
Facts about Germany (Information about Germany)
Deutschland.de (Information about Germany)
Reiseland Deutschland (Traveling to and in Germany)
Österreich (Information about Austria)
Reisen in Österreich (Information about traveling to and in Austria)
Facts about Switzerland (Information about Switzerland)
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